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  |___/   \___|   \__|_   _\__|   \___/   _|_|_   /___|   \___|   _|_|_   \___/

Temporary 'Production' Server

The main web services at SectorZero.org are currently offline as they undergo a major backend overhaul. Unfortunately, there is no concrete ETA for when these services will be back up and running.
However, despite this overhaul, all other hosting remains unaffected. I will be bringing web services back online one-by-one as they are ready. Stay tuned.

Looking for the wedding website? Redirect

Need to borrow some server space for file storage? Need a place to host a small site? Contact the server admin for information and to discuss options.

An eight-slot Ventrilo server is also running at this address, should you need a centralized place to voice chat with your friends. To access this service from the Internet, point your Ventrilo client to vent.sectorzero.org. Contact the admin for more information.

A 50-slot Murmur server has been deployed on the Dev server, and beta testers are needed. Despite the server having a 50-client capacity, it is not necessary to have a full server just for testing purposes, but it would be nice for the sake of load testing. Please contact the admin if interested.

A Jabber (XMPP) chat server pilot has been deployed on the Dev server. Instructions for configuring a chat client have been provided above (under the "sites" heading). To request more information, or for troubleshooting assistance, please contact the admin.